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Welcome to the Loves Rubberstamps & Needle Crafts Store! Here you will find great products for rubber stamping, paper crafting, cross stitching, and a variety of other crafts as well! We carry only the finest brands and are always adding new products and manufacturers to give you the best selection available! We strive to become your one stop shop for all your crafting needs!
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             Loves Rubberstamps Shipping Policy
What locations do you ship to?
Loves Rubberstamps ships to all of the United States, U.S. Territories, Military P.O. Addresses, Canada, and many countries throughout the world. We use paypal for payment so any country paypal is accepted we will ship there.
International Customers Please Note:
You may be responsible for any applicable import taxes & fees. All orders will be marked "scrapbook products" with the appropriate value on the package. This must be done in compliance with USPS legal and insured packages guidelines.

Because the United States Postal Service(USPS) does not offer tracking or delivery confirmation services for international deliveries, Loves Rubberstamps cannot not be responsible for lost or delayed packages. Please contact us if your package does not arrive within 60 days.

How are the shipping rates calculated?
Shipping prices are now calculated by number of items ordered with a minimum shipping price. Here is how it is calculated:
United States: Shipping on 1 item: $3.99 each additional item is $.25 (Iowa there is sales tax added also)
Canada & Mexico: Shipping on 1 item: $14.99 each additional item is $.50
International: Shipping on 1 item is $19.99 each additional item is $1.00
** Please Note ** Shipping outside the US can vary drastically depending on what is being shipped. If we can ship your package for significantly less than what it is charged (like it going first class rate instead of priority) we will refund you any shipping overage you paid. We don't like to pay excessive shipping charges - so we don't expect you to! It is just really hard to calculate in advance. 
How fast will my item ship?
We always try to ship things as quickly as possible as we know you want to create with your new products as soon as possible! The majority orders are shipped within 3 to 5 business days of ordering, unless you are ordering preorder products or an item that is temporarily on backorder. If an item goes on temporary backorder, we will notify you as quickly as possible. 
Please note that at times we can get very busy and sheer volume is our challenge. We appreciate your understanding in knowing that we are doing our best to get your orders out in a timely manner. We know that you want to play with your goodies as soon as possible! During these heavy volume times orders may ship within 6 to 10 business days of ordering. If there will be a shipping delay longer than 10 business days on items that said they were in stock when your order was placed, you will be contacted via email.
Order Placed on Monday January 1st - your order would ship between Thursday January 4th (3rd business day after order was placed) and at the latest Monday January 15th (10th business day) 
Order Placed on Saturday January 1st - your order would ship between Wednesday January 5th (3rd business day after ordering) and at the latest Friday January 14th (10th business day)
Saturdays & Sundays do not count as business days
Because we are a family owned and operated store, we don't have the shipping resources that you get with those big online retailers. Instead all of the Love family members spend their time pulling orders and hand packing each package for our customers. We can't promise you the fastest shipping times (even though we are always trying to find ways to make it faster), but we can promise your package will be picked and shipped with care.
I need my order in a week - why can't you promise that?
There are a few different reasons that we might not be able to get your order shipped out any quicker than our policy states. 
Currently, running this store is not my only full time job. I work a full time job outside of this store. My schedule is subject to change at anytime and I can be mandatoried to work longer or more than expected without notice. I can not help these situations so our shipping policy had to be built to accompany my sometimes "crazy" schedule.
We also keep pretty low minimums in stock at one time. This allows us to offer a bigger variety of products because we don't have the large overhead of inventory. We place restock orders with our suppliers multiple times a week, so there may be times that we are waiting for some restock shipments to arrive. 
So if you are needing something for a special event or faster than our policy states it can take - please shoot us an email before you order and we can tell you if we will be able to get your order to you in the time you need it. 
I placed an order for an item that said it was in stock and now it is on backorder. Why?
We keep low minimums on our in stock inventory in order to provide a greater variety of products to our customers. This also allows us to keep up with the new releases and quickly changing trends. We place multiple restock orders with our suppliers weekly. Sometimes when we place a restock order our supplier may be temporarily out of that item or there is a shipping delay from the manufacturer. Our shopping cart will allow products to be ordered, regardless of in stock numbers, until we go in on that individual item and place it in reorder or sold status. There may be an instance before we were able to go in and change the item we may have sold more than we had on hand and our restock order is slightly delayed. In the event this happens and the item is not going to arrive in the timeframe of our shipping policy, we will send you an email and let you know. 


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